Thursday, October 3, 2019

October 2019 - Big 4 for E4

You are Invited to our 15-Year Anniversary Event
Once again, Mission E4 will be hosting our year-end Holiday Banquets this Fall. This event is an opportunity for our supporters to hear updates from our President and Founder, Scott Long. 

At these programs, we will also be talking in more detail about the Big 4, highest priority projects to complete in 2020. Historically, we raise the largest portion of funding for our capital projects at our year-end events.
#1 – Complete the Second Floor of School – Croix des Bouquet
In order to offer the 200 children attending the “Institute Bousol Timoun” a chance to attend high school, we must complete the second floor of our school building. Out of the first floor, we serve children from preschool to 6thgrade. In 2020, we will add a 7thgrade class, and continue to add grades each year. To complete the second floor of this school, we still need to raise $75,000.
#2 – Finish the Construction of Elementary School – Fauche, Haiti
This 8700 square foot school building will provide large individual classrooms and a spacious open-air, covered meeting area for 350 children (PreK-6). Currently Mission E4 has twelve schools that provide Christian education for 3000 students in the impoverished country of Haiti. 

The “construction site” picture below shows our Haitian crew working at this location. The two-foot raised foundation has been laid. Three of the ten, 20’x20’ classrooms will be completed by the end of 2019.We have $45,000 left to raise to complete this project.

#3 - Center for Community Development - Worcester, MA
On November 2, 2018 Mission E4 closed on a property located in Worcester, MA. Our team has worked with families in this particular neighborhood for almost 20 years. We know that our physical presence here will have a strong impact on our ability to assist with long-term, sustainable and holistic community development. 

Phase 1 of the construction and remodel took us almost a year. Our grand opening event took place on September 7, 2019.
As part of phase 2, we purchased another adjacent piece of land in 2019. This new parcel gave us street access to the upper level of the property, providing the means for us to make the entire facility ADA compliant. Additionally, the most recent purchase came with a three-bedroom home that we will renovate for classrooms and a clothing ministry. The first step of this building phase is to construct a three-story, covered staircase that will connect the lower and upper levels of the property. Then, we will add wheelchair ramps to both houses, widen the entrances and upgrade the bathrooms to ADA standards. The total cost of phase 2 is $175,000.

#4 – School Bus - South Haiti Operations
The children from the five elementary schools in the Leogane area share a centralized high school. More than a third of the 700 students attending this facility come from further than five miles away. We have had a few small, used vehicles over the past few years attempting to provide transportation for this group. However, these vehicles are no longer functioning, and we have outgrown the capacity for this approach. Mission E4 needs to purchase a school bus in 2020 to alleviate the burden felt by these students and their families. Our estimated cost for this vehicle is $27,000.

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