Saturday, February 10, 2018

Why Child Sponsorship?

Child sponsorship, at its core, is about getting involved very directly in the lives of the most vulnerable part of impoverished populations. By providing education, food, clean water, and access to health care; we are holistically dealing with critical components of early childhood development. The macro difference that child sponsorship makes in economically depressed areas can best seen over generations.

Below are some statistics that may help us see some of the progress made in places like Haiti, but also how difficult the situations are that we seek to tackle.

Mortality rate under age 5 per 1000 births
In 1960 = 286 deaths per 1000                 In 2016 = 67 deaths per 1000
·      With an estimated 1,200,000 children under five, we will see 262,800 less children die than we would have in 1960 (58 years)

Mortality rate 5-14 per 1000 children age 5
In 1990 = 31 deaths per 1000                    2016 = 15 deaths per 1000
·      With an estimated 2,300,000 children between ages 5-14, we will see 36,800 less children die than we would have in 1990 (28 years)

Providing Employment: Mission E4 is one of thousands of organizations in Haiti that is providing employment to the masses through sponsorship programs. This has become vitally important to a country like Haiti, with such an exceptionally high unemployment rate. Mission E4 currently employs over 140 full-time people in Haiti

Access to Education: The Haitian government cannot provide access to education without outside aid. Prior to the earthquake, Haiti had 15,200 elementary schools, of which 90% are non-public and run by communities, NGOs and religious organizations. (Nearly 4200 schools were destroyed in the earthquake). In 2010 about a third of the population of school-aged children were attending a Christian school. We are still fighting to improve the national averages of successful transition into higher grades.

National Averages
88% Enrollment rate in primary school verses the number of school aged children
22% Enrollment rate in high school
Less than 1% enrollment in University

Mission E4 has maintained a 50-60% success rate (over the past seven years), of students moving from elementary school into high school. We are just now beginning to work with students transitioning into University.

Child Sponsorship saves lives, saves souls, and contributes greatly to economic development. Thank you for your involvement, in such a personal way, in the lives of our children around the world!

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

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